Baker Will Go To Jail If He Does Not Bake Wedding Cake For Homosexual Couple

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As our tolerant friends to the left go about trying to obtain complete and utter political correctness and fairness to all, a Christian baker sits in the middle of a new controversy.  A judge has recently declared that the baker must bake any and all wedding cakes requested by homosexual couples.

The issue came around when Jack Phillips, who runs Masterpiece Cakeshop, was approached by two men.  The couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins, had come in to inquire about a cake for their wedding celebration.  As Colorado does not support the right to gay marriage, the two had been married out of state and wanted to celebrate their new marriage in their home town.

The baker, being an Evangelical Christian, politely declined causing the homosexual couple to run to the courts.  Even though they did not want the man to bake the cake any longer, they wanted to make sure no other gay couples experienced the humiliation that they endured by the bakers decision.

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Luckily for Phillips though, the Alliance Defending Freedom, or the ADF, was there to take on his case pro bono. The ADF is a network consisting of over 2,000 lawyers that stand to fight against any and all infringements on the freedom of Christian religion.

During court, Phillip’s lawyer, Nicolle Martin stated:

 “Phillips has been a Christian for approximately 35 years, and believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. As a Christian, Phillips’ main goal in life is to be obedient to Jesus and His teachings in all aspects of his life[;] Phillips believes the Bible is the inspired word of God[;]  its commands are binding on him[;] God’s intention for marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

Her point was to prove that to force one man to compromise on his beliefs and his rights for the good of society would be disastrous.  The fact remains that Colorado does not support gay marriage, so how is his beliefs in contrast to that of his society?

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The ruling here to violate the man’s rights for the sake of the community is a potential problem that shows no limits.  Anyone could twist any number of freedoms displaying that they hurt society and then over rule it. Does that mean that one single man’s rights aren’t worth offending a select group of people? No. That is precisely why we have the freedom of speech and religion.

For a judge to overrule these rights because the feelings of two people is absurd.

Nonetheless, Administrative Judge Robert Spencer said that the man’s rights pale in comparison to societies well being.  He then went on to say that it was well within his judicial powers to order the man to bake a cake for any couple regardless their sexual orientation.

In response to the ruling, Phillips states that should the circumstance arise again, he will do the same. He feels that when he bakes a cake for a couple it is as if he is participating in the marriage ceremonies. He conveys that he will not compromise his religious beliefs because of the feelings of others despite the fact that he was being threatened jail time. According to the ruling, Phillips could receive up to 12 months in jail.

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After the case, Martin explained:

“American citizens should not have to live in fear of a prison sentence merely for disagreeing with the government’s opinion. All Americans should remain free to honor God in our lives and in our work. The government has no business threatening Americans with jail time for simply exercising their constitutionally-protected freedoms of religion and speech. Every American, whatever you think about this issue, should fear a government that ignores the First Amendment in order to exercise this kind of power over its citizens.”

Do you think individual rights can be overruled in the name of society’s sake?

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