Crazy Dashboard Cam Catches Amusing Reaction of Woman in Roll Over Accident

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So, what do you think your reaction would be if you had a dashboard camera focused on you as you lived through a roll over accident? Mad, surprised, scared? How about seemingly un-ruffled like this woman?

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The video was uploaded by Youtube user Frisco68 who says the video was taken by a friend of his who was involved in a roll over accident.

Just an every day drive in the country.

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The split screen footage showing both the driver and the road starts off showing a woman behind the wheel driving her car normally. But soon she comes to a bend in the road and the rainy, wet surface causes her to begin to spin off the road.

Soon the car hits an embankment and does a barrel roll and you see the driver being tossed around as items inside the car flay about her.

But, uh, oh, a skid starts to happen…

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Then the window glass shatters and cubes of safety glass fly everywhere just before the car lurches to a halt.

But all during the barrel roll, the woman driving has in interesting reaction. Instead of surprise or fear, she seems entirely annoyed.

… a barrel roll rocks the car…

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As the barrel roll grinds to a halt, the woman gives a subtle face that says, “dagnabbit!” One suspects her language may have been a bit more foul, though.

… but this woman is just annoyed!

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But it is interesting to see her almost unnerving calm as her car rolls over. Maybe she’s rolled her car so many times that it is all just a ho hum occurrence?

What do you think? Is this real? Fake? Funny? Tell us below.

(H/T: Jalopnik & The Blaze)

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