Megyn Kelly: Santa Is “Just Is White”

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It is a sad day during the war on Christmas that we actually break down and argue the specifics of a fictitious character.  That is exactly what the liberal fight to be politically correct has brought Megyn Kelly to argue that “Santa just is white.”

The discussions open after Megyn talks about the liberal writer who described how traumatic having a white Santa was on her childhood.  The woman goes on to describe the painful affect Santa had on her as a child and suggested that in effort to spare this kind of pain and misery on future generations of non-white children, the image of Santa should be changed to a black penguin.

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The ridiculousness of this conversation is overwhelming.


The panel goes on to discuss the reasonability of the woman’s feeling, but express that Santa is just white and that all there is to it.  Kelly even brings up the fact that Santa was a historical figure referring to St. Nicholas.  She explains that as he was molded after the white Greek bishop, Santa is therefore, white himself.

The host continues saying that, “just because it makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it has to change.” She then brings up the fact that Jesus was white too—an also disputed fact. Her point being that these symbols have been in place for decades if not centuries, why now do we have to change all of that in effort to create a racism-less, “tolerant” state? Do you think whites wouldn’t be offended if Santa was changed to have black skin?

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The last panelist describes that everyone should be able to celebrate Christmas and Santa how they see fit.  He brings up examples of white, black and even drag queen Santa’s in effort to show the diversity of the desired image of Santa.

All in all, this nitpicking of every aspect of the white Santa during the Christian holiday has to stop.  Everyone else is allowed to practice and celebrate how they see fit, isn’t it easier to ignore those who don’t agree with you rather than force them to comply with you?

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