Doctor Father Regularly Gives Daughters Plastic Surgery, Boob Jobs, Nose Jobs, Tucks, Peels

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The daughters of California plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole have repeatedly turned to daddy for multiple and ongoing surgeries and procedures, but the girls’ mom worries that they are getting addicted to plastic surgery.

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The girls, Brittani and Charm, were adopted as infants, but as they grew up they were exposed to a constant parade of Dr.Niccole’s clients not to mention that appearance-conscious Orange County, California lifestyle. As a result, the girls pushed their father for surgical procedures since they were young children.

Dr Michael Niccole, his wife, and his adopted daughters.

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Charm had the earliest procedure when at ten-years-old she had her protruding belly button turned inward by her surgeon father. But both have had facial peels, Botox, and breast augmentations starting on the 18th birthdays and going every year since.

The amount of surgery seems to bother their mother a bit. She has sometimes argued against the procedures but has lost that argument. But she has a nagging worry that her girls are getting addicted to plastic surgery.

The girls, though, deny any addiction and say that they are just trying to “feel good” about their bodies and since they have a skilled father, why not have him help them out with that quest for self esteem?

Botox injections is a common procedure for the girls.

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Brittani, now 25, had her first breast enlargement surgery from daddy at 18. At 21 she had her African American nose narrowed apparently so she wouldn’t look so ethnic.

For her part, Charm has gone from a 32B bra cup size to a 32C along with many other procedures.

Of course, the family has sustained some criticism for this glut of surgery. Some wonder if it isn’t a bit strange to have their adopted father fondling their breasts and seeing them nude so often?

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“Some people say, ‘Isn’t it weird that your dad has seen your breasts?'” and I say no,” Brittani has said.

“First of all I’m his daughter and he’s seen me naked when I was a baby, so really who cares?”

“Secondly, he sees thousands of boobs a year so a boob to him is just an object like a pen. It’s just what he does.”

Dr Michael Niccole’s daughters Brittani (right) and Charm (left).

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Further, both girls say that they love being walking billboards for their father’s cosmetic surgery business. The pair say they drive business to their dad all the time as people remark on how “great” they look.

“I give their information to a consultant. It’s a family business so I’m contributing and so it’s good,” Charm said.

What do you think? Is this all a good idea? Or does it set a bad example? Tell us your thoughts below.

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