Mom Of Girl Who 6-Year-Old Kissed Says School Was RIGHT To Suspend Him For Sexual Harassment

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Earlier in the week we reported about a little 6 year old boy who had been suspended for sexual harassment after kissing a fellow classmate on the hand—you can read it here.  New information is coming forward after talking to the mother of the girl accusing the boy of sexual harassment.  Even though she has dropped the claims of sexual harassment, she does feel that the boy deserved the suspension.


It was reported that after the boy, Hunter, kissed the girl on the hand during reading group, he was labeled a sexual harasser, and suspended from the school for two days.  The mother of the girl, Jade Masters-Ownbey, is speaking out saying that even though she has dropped the charges she does consider what Hunter did to her daughter to be sexual harassment.

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Ownbey states that this isn’t the first time an incident like this has happened regarding Hunter and her daughter.  She says on several occasions, Hunter has made advances on her little girl, so much in fact, that she has had to teach her daughter how to act when she didn’t want someone touching her. She is thankful that the school took action in order to protect her child.


Hunter’s mother, Jennifer Saunders insists that the woman’s claims are entirely off base.  She explains that the boy and the girl consider themselves “boyfriend and girlfriend.”  She states that the punishment was too harsh for an act as innocent as Hunter giving a peck on the hand to his friend.

She conveys that labeling a six year old with sexual harassment is ridiculous and has brought up some unwanted conversations between the mother and son.  Saunders mimics Hunter’s question saying, “Mommy, what is sex?”

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She does claim that Hunter has been having behavioral difficulties in school and was previously suspended for rough housing and kissing the same girl on the cheek.


Hunter claims that he has been trying to be good.

Canon City Schools Superintendent Robin Gooldy explains that the charge of “sexual harassment” has been reduced to just, “misconduct.”  He along with school officials confirm that the advances weren’t just a one-time thing and that Hunter had been warned on several occasions to stop.

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Hunter actions did qualify as sexual harassment under the school’s guidelines.


Gooldy claims that students aren’t labeled sexual harassers after one minor incident.  He instead infers that it takes a noticeable pattern to emerge before it is noted in the students file. He finishes by saying, “Our main interest in this is having the behavior stop because the story is not just about the student that was disciplined, it is also about the student receiving the unwanted advances.”

Do you think the boy’s actions warranted the charge of sexual harassment?

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