ESPN Rejects Catholic Hospital Ad Because “Jesus” Is “Problematic”

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As the war on Christmas continues, we all know when we talk about PC, we aren’t talking about computers. That’s right, were talking about political correctness, and ESPN just took it to a whole new level after it rejected airing a Catholic Children’s hospital ad because it said Jesus in it.

The commercial shares that, “At Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the season of giving, bringing hope to the many children, parents, and families that we serve.” The ad states that the sick and injured children are, “filled with hope” when they read a daily message from the “treasure chest,” beneath their “tree of hope.”

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The ad ends by requesting that viewers, “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas. Send your message of hope at”

The commercial is being broadcast over other stations throughout the area but ESPN has announced that they will not run the advertisement.  They claim that the phrases, “we celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas,” are “problematic.”

In effort to take the Christ out of Christmas, it seems that liberals are stronger than ever in their efforts to stand politically correct—of course just towards the Christian holiday. They in fact encourage anyone celebrating anything other than Christmas including the fictitious holiday of “festivus.”

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During a segment on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly brought Doug Napier of the Alliance Defending Freedom on the show to discuss the war on Christmas.  Napier states that to say, “there is too much Jesus in this Christmas message of hope is like saying there is too much sports in ESPN.”

The holiday is a custom based on the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. That being said, I don’t understand why anyone that doesn’t wish to experience the religious background woven into the holiday, just don’t celebrate it.

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Napier goes on to say that ESPN’s decision to “marginalize” the widely celebrated holiday is “insane.”

As the war on Christmas continues it is urged to consider that without Christ, there would be no CHRISTmas.  Having said that, feel free to not celebrate the holiday if you are offended.

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