Russia Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapons On America

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It seems as if the heat has recently been turned up on foreign relations. Russia has recently warned the United States government that if American Missiles target Russia, they will have no choice but to respond with nuclear weapons.

This comes in response to a plan that was supposed to be dropped as signaled by the Bush administration.  Of course, caring nothing for the desire of other people, Obama has picked the plan back up and revived it.

The controversial issue is called the EPAA missile shield.  Its main purpose is to have the capability to shoot a missile out of the air before it has the chance to detonate.  U.S. officials have decided to set forth motions as they intend to construct the shield in Europe.

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So what is the big deal about a missile defense system? Well, when a missile is launched as an act of aggression, the defense system launches its own missile in effort to intercept and destroy it.  That being said, Russia is fearful as it places American missiles–despite the fact that they are for defense purposes only–well within striking range of Russia.

That being said Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, declared that if the missiles are used in an attack against Russia they, “will of course respond with nuclear weapons.”

Defense officials recently downgraded their plans from long range missiles to medium range missiles able to span the two continents. They are expected to be installed in Redzikowo, Poland by 2018.

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Russia however has their own missile defense system that defends their western and southern borders.  This is in effort to proactively prevent America, or any of its European allies from lobbing a missile over Russia’s border. As the technology and arms race quietly continues, Russia is known to have a new Yars (SS-29) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that claims to have the ability to target American cities.

Infowars reports:

“Earlier this summer, Russia staged its biggest military exercise since the cold war in order to ascertain the readiness of putting intercontinental ballistic missiles on ‘high-alert’ within a short time frame. The drill was swiftly followed by NATO’s biggest drill since the cold war, an exercise that was based around NATO’s response to a simulated invasion of Poland by a ‘foreign power.’”

You can see how Russia takes offense after NATO “randomly” runs a drill where a “foreign power,” defends a country that America has just placed a weapon.

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These threats and drills come into play along with recent events causing Japanese fighter planes to “intercept Russian bombers that were practicing attacks on U.S. bases.” Japan is already in an arms race with China as they argue over the Senkaku Islands. It is however unlikely that the region will destabilize.

Russia and America have been at each other’s throats for quite a while now. Do you ever see this ending?

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