Oregon Police Practice Shooting Citizens At Traffic Stops

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Police in Medford, Oregon were excited this winter to find the weather turning cold and snowy so that they could practice their skills shooting and killing motorists and other civilians in winter conditions. Tis the season, eh?

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A report by KDRV TV in Medford was thrilled to report that police were “sharpening” their shooting skills in this year’s harsh winter conditions.

The report features officer Paul Mellgren helpfully telling the news folk that their “manual dexterity” is diminished in the cold.So, the winter is an exciting opportunity to test their winter skills.

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“We don’t see a weapon at that point. All of a sudden a weapon is produced. Then, we have to engage the suspect weather he has a weapon or not, we have to engage the suspect with our firearm at that point,” explained Officer Mellgren.

The TV newsers go on to show the cops shooting human-sized targets in buildings, out doors and in traffic stop scenarios in the cold, snowy weather.

The training was vital, said Detective Tony Young.

“It’s vital because these officers are out on the street, in this weather, these lighting conditions and they need to be ready to use that deadly force if that situation comes up,” Detective Young said.

“It’s something new that we don’t get to experience all the time, sadly we have to wait until December to do this training when it’s nice and cold out,” said Officer Mellgren.

A cop outrageously points a rifle in the face of an innocent motorist.

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So, once again we get to see police treating regular citizens like enemies that needs to be gunned down, this time in wintry conditions. In this era where our police are increasingly militarized, is this what we want to see on TV?

Nearly every single day we have new stories of out of control police officers treating the public like the enemy.

I don’t deny that police need to train, but these scenarios reek of militarized training. Tell us what you think. Is this more police state news? Or do cops need this training?

(H/T Joseph Watson)

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