VIDEO: Watch This Mom With Cerebral Palsy Get Visibly Better With Medical Marijuana

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This is one of the hardest issues to debate. It just isn’t that black and white. Take the case of Jacqueline Patterson, a mother with cerebral palsy who says her life is measurably better with medical marijuana.

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Pot is bad. It’s an easy slogan to throw around. But it isn’t always true and Jacqueline Patterson shows us the truth in this amazing video.

Patterson has had cerebral palsy her whole life. It makes her right arm practically useless, it slurs her speech and gives her an annoying stammer. Sometimes she has trouble just walking.

Jacqueline Patterson, life-long sufferer of cerebral palsy.

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But this mother of four has found that smoking pot alleviates her symptoms, helps clear her speech, loosens her stiffened muscles and, she says, allows her to be a better mother.

Unfortunately, every time she buys pot, this mother from Kansas City, Missouri risks losing her kids and going to jail because her state does not allow medical marijuana.

Patterson says, “I was born with cerebral palsy and a severe stutter–which has got to be one of the most stigmatizing disabilities invented by God. It’s very humiliating.”

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“My right side of my body is much noticeably weaker than my left and my right arm is always painfully tense.”

“I went through my entire childhood in pain because I couldn’t move my muscles.”

The video shows us a young woman who can barely speak, and followers her as she goes into the city to illegally buy pot. Then we see her take a few hits after which her speech gets quite noticeably better, clearer, and free of constant stammering.

“It really helps my speech,I feel much calmer, much less rushed and I feel like I can control the muscles that I couldn’t before I smoked,” she says. She goes on saying, “It’s kinda nice and I don’t make as many funny faces.”

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There hasn’t been any scientific studies to prove that pot helps people with cerebral palsy and maybe some won’t get any benefit at all. But if it works for some people, should we be so quick to deny them the benefits? Or are these benefits imaginary? Does the harm outweigh the good?

Tell us what you think of these very sticky and complicated issues below.

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