Mom Stands Up Against Law That Allows Americans To Be Detained Indefinitely Without Due Process

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A mom recently choked back tears as she tried to express her frustration of not being listened to by those that were elected to represent her.  In a fight against the infringement on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, she spoke out against a law that allows the government to detain American citizens indefinitely without the right to due process.

Daphne Lee, a resident of Clark County, Nevada recently waited eight hours for talk in a to politicians during a county meeting.  When she got up to the microphone, she informed members of the Clark County Commission that she had only eaten two granola bars all day.  The politicians gave Lee five minutes to talk.


In an emotional and heartfelt speech, Lee started by expressing her frustration that the people who are supposed to represent her would not listen to her, let alone, help her.  She informed listeners that for months now, she has been trying to gain the ear of head politicians in effort to talk about the secret rights given to the government via the NDAA.

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The NDAA, or the National Defense Organization Act that was passed a few years ago, had a secret law written into it.  The law that was snuck into the act, gives the government the authority to detain anyone, including American citizens, on the suspicion—not conviction—of being a threat to the government, indefinitely.  As she mentioned during her time, Obama has publicly talked about this law and swore to never indefinitely detain an American citizen without due process.

Good thing he’s such an honest guy or else we might not believe him.

Lee powerfully goes on to explain the severity of the law indicating that even though Obama has promised not to use this law, that does not say anything in regards to future leaders given the right that may one day be abused.

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Besides, who is to say what a threat to the nation is? Certain people view speaking out against the government as a threat. Does this mean people like Ted Cruz could one day be moved to a black hole never to be heard from again because he is viewed as a threat? You can almost start to envision the futuristic military state now.

The mother conveys that she is, “just a mom,” looking to protect the future rights of her children but also includes the politicians on the bench of the commission.  She explains that the law is unconstitutional and that they need to act now to protect themselves from the law before it is too late.

One commissioner eases Lee’s nerves by saying she isn’t just a mom, and that if it weren’t for mothers, none of them would be there.

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I think she got their attention with this powerful speech.

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