AMAZING VIDEO: Lioness Takes Down Giraffe Twice Her Size

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Amazing video has surfaced showing a lioness going in for the kill of a baby giraffe twice her size.


Lions aren’t exactly known for killing giraffes, but it does happen on occasion.  Their usually prey consist of animals such as wildebeests and zebras.  Larger animals, such as giraffes, are avoided as there could be significant injury resulting from the fall from such heights.

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The clip begins by showing the attentive lioness hone in on the two giraffes.  As the mother and baby giraffes graze on the vegetation provided by the trees above, the lioness creeps forward.  The lioness stalks the oblivious two within mere yards without the giraffes being alerted of the threat.


As the lioness makes her way just behind a bush near the giraffes, she spooks the giraffes and they begin running—but it is too late.  The lioness is well within striking distance and effortlessly starts running in effort to cut them off.

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In a single leap, the lioness latches onto the backside of the smaller giraffe and is able to pull the animal down with ease. The mother of the giraffe is only able to terrifyingly watch from a distance as the life is drained from her offspring.


The video then cuts to night time, when the rest of the pride is able to enjoy the fruits of the lioness’s labor.


As heart wrenching as this is, it is sometimes hard to remember that this is all part of the circle of life.


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