Armed Man Wearing “Chucky” Mask Still On The Run After Robbing Four Stores

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A man is still on the loose today as police continue to search for the man that has robbed four stores.  Security camera footage as well as eye witness reports say that he wears a mask resembling the character from the horror movies, Chucky.

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The man that had been robbing stores since mid-October has been said to wear a gray Adidas track suit along with the Chucky mask for every robbery.  The only discrepancy in the man’s wardrobe appears to be what color gloves he’s wearing at the time. People have also told police that the man speaks with a foreign accent.


The suspect has robbed storefronts all over the town of Scunthorpe in the UK.

His first robbery took place on October 16th, where he went in wearing his signature mask demanding the woman empty the register and hand over cigarettes.  The woman, out of fear complied and the man left the store.

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Later that night, he committed his second robbery at a different shop, this time with a firearm and a carrier bag.  Threatening the cashier, he once again ordered that the money be removed from the register and place in the bag.  This cashier, like the last one, complied, and the thief was able to get away.


Apparently the man ran out of money about a month later, as on November 15th, the man attempted to rob a store owner that was closing up his shop.  The thief pulled out his gun to make his demands, but was met with opposition as the man fought back.  The store owner was able to resist long enough for the thief to deem it not worth the effort, and run away.

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The man took another short break, this time probably to solidify his course of action, and went on his latest venture on December 8th.  He walked into a gas station, forcefully took the cash from the cashier and made off with the loot yet again.

chucky 3

Police are now pleading for the public’s help in finding the man.  Det. Inspector James Fairgrieve, of Humberside Police coveys:

“There are people out there who know who this person is and I am now asking those people to please come forward and speak to police as a matter of urgency. The man in the Chucky mask has been targeting a number of commercial properties in North Lincolnshire and police are carrying out thorough investigations to identify him, however we need the help of the public to please provide us with as much information as possible. The man has got away with cash from a number of the stores and thankfully nobody was injured. I want to reassure the public that police are doing all they can to identify this man and we will not stop until he is arrested and brought into police custody. This man is wearing a distinctive Adidas tracksuit and people may have seen him prior to him covering his face by putting on the mask and entering each of the premises. He also spoke with a foreign accent. If you were in the vicinity of any of the locations, saw somebody acting suspiciously or know who the man behind the mask is, then please call. The important thing is that this man is caught and we need your help to assist with this.”

The man is still currently on the loose as the search continues

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