Fat Mentally Ill Man Crushes Unwilling Sex Slave As He Rapes Her

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A 27 year old is in prison after luring two women into his bed with lies and threats resulting in their repeated rape. Noureldin Derwish was found guilty of 13 counts of rape, three counts of making threats to kill and two counts of false imprisonment.

During the man’s trial, the women thoroughly described the traumatic events that ensued because of the 330 lb. man.

The 17 year old victim went first, explaining that Derwish offered her drugs as payment for sexual favors.  Being creeped-out, the girl left after apparently giving the man her phone number.  Derwish called back posing as an extremely resourceful, black market, drug lord and threatened her.   He said that unless she meet him for sex, he would be forced to use his mafia contacts.

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The girl ended up following the man’s sick orders and meeting him at the Formule 1 Hotel in Fawkner.  There he informed the girl that he had men planted throughout the hotel to assist him if she did not listen.  He then proceeded handcuff the girl to the bed and rape her.  When he was done, he made her take a shower conveying that it was part of his culture that you take a shower after sex.

Once the woman had complied, he then placed her back on the bed and raped her for the next seven hours.  After the incident, he released the girl but demanded she not go to police unless she wanted him to call his mafia contacts and have her family killed.

The next victim was a 23 year old woman that was approached by Derwish.  He offered her a position as a stripper at his strip club to which the woman declined.  After not taking the bait of his last fictitious offer, Derwish tried again, this time falsely offering her a highly esteemed position within another of his fake companies. When this didn’t work, he offered to pay the woman $3 million to sleep with him.

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Having been denied on all three accounts, Derwish became aggressive once again bringing his fake mafia contacts into the conversation.  He said that he would have his contacts visit her house and murder her entire family while making her watch.  He also added that his cousin was looking for a sex slave and had her sister in mind. The terrified woman complied during a string of demands for unprotected sex resulting in at least two sex tapes.

Both women claimed that his web of lies were so complex he even claimed to possess the knowledge of Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts—knowledge he obtained through his vast criminal network.  They also said that the man crushed them as he laid on them committing the vile acts.

As the judge, Gabriele Cannon, was sentencing the man, Derwish just shook his head.  “Judge Cannon said that while Derwish was significantly mentally impaired, the planning behind his offending showed a significant level of understanding of its seriousness.” The rapist was sentenced for 12 years and 3 months but does have the possibility for parole after 8 years.

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Derwish is reportedly being bullied in prison for his binge eating on account of his anxiety.

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