Race Baiting Black Guest on Hannity Says America Has ‘Apartheid’ Today

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This is why the racebaiting industry is to be dismissed, folks. They just have nothing serious to say. For example, a guest on the Sean Hannity Fox News show went on an absurd, spittle-specked, wild-eyed rant that we have racial apartheid today right here in the USA.

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The guest, racist Leo Terrell–he’s a radio host in L.A. and, no, I never heard of him before, either–started screaming that black people can’t go to states like Wyoming and Idaho because: RACISM!

Race merchant Leo Terrell.

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Apparently this fool thinks that all our western states are filled with hood-wearing Klan members and they’ve barred all blacks from going there.

At one point in the conversation, this racebaiter screamed, “People like me can’t go to Idaho and Wyoming! Those are segregated states and always will be, they’re apartheid states! Are you kidding me?”

Then this creep busted out the “Uncle Tom” card calling the black female guest a race traitor for supposedly “using her color to defend apartheid.”

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Hannity and his other African American guest piled up on Terrell and pressed him about the wave of black-on-black crime that has devastated the black community for 40 years. What did he reply?

“Why are you hating on blacks?” this racist screamed.

This man is nothing but a race merchant making a living off making sure blacks hate whites. Period.

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