Bill O’Reilly EXPOSES Al Sharpton’s Deceitful Video Edit

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Depending on what side of the political fence you stand, you probably have a preferred new network, as each side broadcasts what is relevant to their views.  That being said, liberal network, MSNBC, allowed Al Sharpton to air an intentionally deceitful video edit.

After the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, O’Reilly held a segment on his show discussing the man.  During the time, O’Reilly demonstrated that even though the man was a communist, the way he helped his people was heroic.

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Race baiter, Al Sharpton took advantage of the leader’s recent passing to condemn the conservative news host.  During his own interview, Sharpton took an edited version of O’Reilly’s comments and made it appear as if O’Reilly was disgusted that everyone was mourning over a communist.

O’Reilly went on to describe how it has become Sharpton’s consuetude to use false information in order to further his personal and financial agendas.

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Showing irrefutable proof that Sharpton was in fact lying, he turns to the guest on Sharpton’s show, Karen Finney after she had accused O’Reilly of never having been to South Africa.  He show’s proof that he was not only in South Africa, but in the exact place she happened to mention. He then demands a written apology lest she be regarded as a manipulative egotist just like Sharpton.

O’Reilly finishes by reiterating his point that sometimes you have to recognize good people for their actions rather than their beliefs.

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Don’t you love it when someone gets called out publicly for lying?

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