This Robber Held a Woman at Gunpoint, Shot a Cop, Then Died in a Hail of Bullets

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A robbery went horribly wrong in Miami, Florida on Tuesday when a man tried to rob a Walgreens but ended up dead in a hail of bullets for his trouble.

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Adrian Montesano, 27, decided to rob a Walgreens drug store in the little Havana neighborhood. At 3:30 in the morning on Dec. 10 he burst into the store, grabbed a female customer as hostage, held a gun to her head, and forced the store clerks to give him the cash.

But it wasn’t long before police caught up to the crook to disastrous results for him.

Gunman holds woman shopper hostage.

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Montesano did release his hostage and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, but he made a very, very stupid mistake. He drove to the Walgreens in the truck he uses for his heating and air-conditioning business and it has his name written all over it!

Witnesses saw him drive off in the truck and it didn’t take police long to find him.

At about 5AM police found Montasno’s truck parked about 2 miles from the scene of the robbery.

When Miami Officer Saul Rodriguez approached the vehicle, Montasano immediately shot him in the stomach and fled the scene.

The shooter then stole his grandmother’s blue Volvo and took police on a high speed chase through the city.

Montesano’s Volvo riddled with bullet holes.

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Oddly, during the chase Montesano also took the time to pick up a friend who likely didn’t know what he was in for.

Not long afterwards, police cornered Montesano and a gun battle opened up. Both the robber and the friend he picked up were killed in the assault.

The blue Volvo ended up riddled with bullets.

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Montesano is said to have recently developed a drug habit and friends say that is what drove him to the robbery.

Another creep gets his just deserts, I suppose. What do you think?

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