DASH CAM VIDEO: Police Officer Hoists Attack Dog Through Suspect’s Car Window

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You would think that criminals would learn not to run from police, but when the fight or flight response kicks in, that all goes out the window.  This appears to have been the case when Johnnie Williams led police on a long and violent car chase.  When police finally were able to get Williams to pull over, a police officer lifted his dog through the driver’s side window allowing for the dog to attack the suspect while still in his car.

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After blowing through a DUI checkpoint and ramming into a police cruiser, the chase was on for Johnnie Williams. Leading police through town at a high rate of speed, blowing through stop signs and traffic lights, Police were finally able to perform a PIT maneuver on Williams’ car.


Williams then threw up his hands, signaling his surrender, but this wasn’t good enough for Wilmington police officer Stafford Brister.  After the car was stopped, dash cam video shows Brister entering the view of the camera with his police dog.  He then lifts the dog up in effort to gain the dog access into the vehicle, where the dog then attacked the suspect.

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The dog was left in the car with the man in a vicious free-for-all for 30 to 40 seconds until the police officer finally pulled him away.  In what seemed like an eternity, Williams sustained injuries to his face and upper body.


After the video was released, the District Attorney had decided that instead of him argue the legality Brister’s actions, he would let the judgment fall upon a jury of his peers.  The grand jury cleared the police officer of any wrong doing stating that Brister, “Might not have seen Williams surrendering.”

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Although after watching the video and seeing Williams hand in the air, outside the vehicle, it seems highly unlikely that this is the case.


“Williams is being held for assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, traffic violations and a habitual felony-related charge.”  The deadly weapon being mentioned was actually his car as he turned it into a 3-ton battering ram and aimed it at a police officer inside his car.

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Police say they are still conducting an internal investigation into Brister’s actions.

After seeing the video, do you think the officer’s actions were justified?

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