VIDEO: Rihanna Twerks for an Amazing 30 Minutes

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Showing off for friends and family, pop singer Rihanna went on a “twerking” spree for 30 some minutes straight, bouncing that booty like no one else.

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You may not be a fan of the so-called music that “th’ kids” like these days, but, man, oh, man, does it take physical stamina and muscle control to dance like that for so long at a time.

You have to at least admire her physical condition, I suppose.

Of course, she “twerked” the heck out of her song Pour it Up, too.

Rihanna in her video “Pour It Up.”

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Well, what do you feel about twerking? Or Rihanna? Is she talented? Add your thoughts in our MrConservative comments section.

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