Watch This Video to See if a Black Man’s White Girl Friend Makes Black Customers Mad?

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What do you think would happen if a black man goes into a barber shop in New York’s Harlem with a white girlfriend in hand? Will the other black customers get mad that a black man has a white girlfriend? Watch and see.

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This was actually a total set up. It was one of those purportedly hidden camera shows where an uncomfortable situation is set up to see how people will react to it.

Will this white woman get attacked by the black customers in this barbershop?

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The show is ABC’s What Would You Do where host John Quinones sets up situations to get people’s reactions. Sometimes it is a fake out of control parent, other times a staged theft, but the idea is to see what others do when confronted by these situations.

In this episode a barbershop that caters to African Americans in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City becomes a stage to see if black customers will react negatively to a black man dating a white girl.

Host Quinones talks to a customer.

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It is well known that some black women get a bit upset when they see black men dating white women. So Quinones thought he’d see if that turned to racism in Harlem.

The set up scenario was this: a black hair care specialist–who is actually an actress hired for the show–loudly bad mouths a male black customer for having a white girlfriend. She says things like “you can’t have a strong black woman for a girlfriend?” and she attacks him for not having a black girlfriend. She accuses him of being a race traitor and forgetting about the racism leveled against blacks in the past.

Now, the video you’ll see reveals no instances of customers siding with the faux racist actress put there to instigate their emotions.

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One wonders if the show actually did find some customers siding with the racism the actress was spewing but decided not to show it to their audience. It is impossible to know and hard to trust anything TV shows, but it is still good to see that so many customers were outraged by the racism the actress was trying to push on them.

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