Clown-Masked Murderer Crashes Party With Guns Blazing After Being Kicked Out

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Arizona teen Daniel Taylor was so unhappy that he was twice kicked out of a Christmas party that he returned with a gun and wearing a clown mask and opened firing killing one party goer and injuring another.

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Taylor, 18, seems to have invited himself to a party being held in an apartment complex in university town Tempe, Arizona, but when the hosts of the party finally demanded that he leave he came back with a gun killing one man and injuring a woman.

Daniel Taylor Accused of Murder.

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Taylor actually tried to crash the party two times. After he was told to leave the first time he came back dressed in a clean suit and tie apparently imagining that dressing nicely would gain him entry to the party. But Taylor was rebuffed again and told to leave.

The accused murderer then came back a third time to the party this time dressed in camouflage and wearing a clown mask. He opened fire shortly after he walked in the door. His criminal misuse of a firearm killed 28-year-old party goer Jeff Ward with a shot to the neck and injured an unnamed woman.

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The killer returned to his own nearby apartment and engaged in a three-hour standoff with police there. After Taylor finally surrendered, police found the clown mask and the .22 caliber pistol in his apartment.

Police were told by residents that Taylor often walked around brandishing his firearm and carrying it openly.

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The victim, Jeff Ward, is from Bangor, Maine and was living and working in Tempe, Arizona after having attended Arizona State University.

Taylor was booked on murder charges and bond was set at $450,000.

Seems like Taylor was a crime waiting to happen. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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