“I Sell My Food Stamps For Vodka And Cigarettes”

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As it was explained, if you were to shake the United States, all the sediment would fall to Florida.  If you would shake Florida further, that sediment would fall into Key West.  Bill O’Reilly sent correspondent of the show The O’Reilly Factor, Jamie Watters, down to Key West in Florida to see how they spend their food stamps.

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In a video interviewing beach bums, tourists, and drunken residents, Watters attempts to discuss a few points.


Some interviewees express their more colorful personalities by describing some of the few things to do around Key West include things such as hookers, “blow” and drinking alcohol with breakfast. During the talk with several of the riff-raff, they talk freely of their lack of awareness to the law and display a more “do-whatever-I-want,” type attitude.

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The most surprising moment was when Watters was talking to a man and asked if he was on food stamps.  The man said he was and openly admitted that he sold the vouchers—probably at half price- in order to buy beer, vodka and cigarettes.


WATTERS: Are you on food stamps.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 4: Yes. I trade the stamps for beer and vodka, and cigarettes.

WATTERS: You know you are supposed to spend it on food.


As the video continues portraying the resident’s cluelessness and lack of care for the rest of the nation, I think Watter’s makes his point confirming it is the “end of the country.”  The video combined with its short comical edits make for a fun viewing.


What do you think of the people Watters interviewed?

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