George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Reverses Herself, Now Says He ‘Never Pointed a Gun’ At Her

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She got him arrested (again) but now George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is reversing herself saying that Zimmerman never pointed a gun at her, quite the opposite of what she’s said only a month ago.

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Of course, we all know who George Zimmerman is, I assume. He is the Florida man who in 2012 shot in self defense black teenager Trayvon Martin after Martin began beating Zimmerman up. He was tried for murder and acquitted of that charge. Since that time, though, he’s had numerous brushes with the law, one of them for supposedly threatening his girlfriend with a gun.

So she said in November.

George Zimmerman and his current girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

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Now she’s changing her story.

In November, Zimmerman was arrested for assault after girlfriend Samantha Scheibe called police and told them Zimmerman threatened her with a gun.

During her 911 call, Scheibe said, “He’s got a freaking gun, breaking all my stuff right now.”

Zimmerman has always said that it was Scheibe that was the instigator of the fight and that he had no gun.

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But now, on December 2, Scheibe changed her story when filing with the court to be allowed to have contact with Zimmerman.

Scheibe requested in writing that the court to change his bail conditions to allow her to see Zimmerman and in her written request she changed her story. She wrote that Zimmerman “never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner.” She also added, “I want to be with George.”

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It looks like Zimmerman was right. Scheibe probably got angry and knew just how to get Zimmerman in trouble and hurt him. I think George would be best to let this nut case go. What do you think? Tell us below.

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