Man Jumps Off Mall Balcony Killing Himself Because He Doesn’t Want To Keep Shopping With Girlfriend

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Most of us know that relationships can be stressful, especially during the holiday season.  One Chinese man has taken that stress to new levels as he jumped off a balcony, resulting in his death, after his girlfriend wouldn’t stop shopping.

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It is unclear if the woman was there for personal or Christmas reasons, but it was perfectly clear that she was not done shopping yet.  In fact, before the man leapt out of frustration, the two were heard arguing about just that.


After having been at the mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province for several hours, the 38 year old man, Tao Hsiao and his girlfriend were wrapping up their shopping expedition.  The girlfriend then saw a store where she mentioned she wanted to stop into before they left for good.  This was the man’s undoing.

Hsiao then said to his girlfriend that they were done shopping, and they already had too many bags to carry as it was.  The woman insisted, but Hsiao argued that she already had more than enough shoes for one lifetime.  This was not an acceptable response as the woman continued the argument.

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She accused Hsiao of being a skinflint—or a tightwad—and that he was ruining Christmas. This statement was the straw that broke the camel’s back as he threw the shopping bags onto the floor.  He then proceeded to walk over to the railing of the seventh floor balcony they were on.


Tunnel-visioned on his departure, Hsiao then climbed over the balcony and fell to his demise.  He hit Christmas decorations along the way, and eventually landed on a kiosk down below.

The man’s body was removed quickly from the public’s view, and police are searching for the girlfriend in effort to investigate the matter.

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Do you think Hsiao was a little over the top, or does this accurately describe the way Christmas shopping can feel at times?

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