WATCH: Police Chase Results In Head-On Collision

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Doesn’t it seem that sometimes the innocent pay for the actions of the guilty?  Well, that seems to be the case as a chilling video was released showing a man running from police slamming head on with an oncoming driver.

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During January earlier this year in Poland, police were alerted when they saw a driver swerving all over the road.  When they pulled behind the man and flipped on their lights signaling for the man to pull over, the man hit the gas.  Pulling away from police, the chase was on.


After a high speed 2 km chase on icy roads, police were right on the suspect’s bumper.  It is unclear if the driver hit a patch of ice, or was nervous, but the man drove across the line and slammed into oncoming traffic.

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The officer’s dash cam caught it all on tape as you can tell the driver loses consciousness and the car aimlessly backs itself off the road.  Police then exit their vehicles in effort to chase down the man in case he intended to flee again.


It turns out that all the people in the suspect’s car were injured and in need of medical assistance. While at the hospital, blood samples were drawn from the driver.  Analysis of the blood revealed that the man was in fact intoxicated as his blood content level was a 2.6 per mille—that equates to somewhere around 13 times the legal limit in Poland.


The status of the driver and passenger(s) in the other car is unknown.

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