13 Year Old Arrested After Burping In Class

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It’s hard to envision a 13 year old doing something bad enough to get arrested for.  That didn’t stop New Mexico police from arresting a 7th grader for burping during gym class.You read that right.  The unnamed boy was arrested after he “burped audibly” in gym class in which the school viewed as, “interfering with public education.”

The boy—and his family—has now filed a lawsuit against the police officer, a teacher and the principle.  The suit states that the boy hadn’t done anything that warranted his arrest.  It also states that the boy was hauled off to the juvenile facility without notifying his parents. It goes on to state that the boy wasn’t allowed due process by “providing him an explanation of the evidence the school claimed to have against him” and no one was able to testify in his defense.

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All this over a burp?

The boy’s lawyer, Shannon Kennedy, states that, “They are using petty misdemeanor charges to arrest children in New Mexico.”  Kennedy goes on to say, “Criminalizing of the burping of a thirteen-year-old boy serves no governmental purpose. Burping is not a serious disruption, a threat of danger was never an issue.”

When the boy was in the juvenile center, he maintain his non-threatening persona as he was rated a -2 on a 1 to 10 scale assessing his potential risk—10 being extremely dangerous.

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This isn’t the first time the boy has been in the hot seat with school authorities as earlier in the year he was brought into the principal’s office.  School administrators were intrigued after learning that the boy had $200 in his pocket. When confronted the boy mentioned that he was going shopping after school, but the adults were not convinced.  School faculty and administrators believed that the boy had obtained the money after selling marijuana to another student. They eventually made the student strip down to his underwear in front of all five adults.

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This also isn’t the school’s first lawsuit as they recently settled another case in which a 7 year old autistic boy had been handcuffed to a chair.

What would you do if your child’s school arrested them for something as silly as a burp?

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