Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘Wealthy White Men’ Created The Term ‘Obamacare’

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The lunacy that caused a woman to wear tampons as earrings has possessed the same woman to go on an extremely inaccurate rant.  In a spiel that claimed Obama fixed the recession, Melissa Harris-Perry compares the term Obamacare to the likes of the “N-word.”

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Perry begins her segment by talking about a term that is so taboo that people don’t want to speak it without having to spark a debate.  She continues leading viewers to assume she is implying that people refer to Obama as the “n-word.” She finally reveals the word she is talking about isn’t the racial slur, but instead the term “Obamacare.”


She then lights into Republicans and Conservatives saying that it was term made by wealthy white men in effort to brand the president with a term to be remembered should the act fail.  Sure enough it did, but acting as the president’s personal cheering squad, Perry couldn’t resist trying to compensate for the president’s shortcomings.

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She says that instead of using the term in a derogatory way, we should use it to symbolize all the accomplishments of the president.  Too bad for Obama, this will forever be his legacy.  He can try to distance himself from the term Obamacare and instead call it the Affordable Care Act, but it won’t work.  The failure of this roll-out and the fact that it is no more affordable than standard health insurance will be the spikes used to crucify Obama’s name on the Obamcare cross. The failure of Obamacare will define his presidency, and with it, his name.

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For the next part of the clip, you may want cover your mouth so you do not spew all over your keyboard.

The woman goes on to claim things like saving the auto industry should be referred to as Obamacare.  Oh, you mean the massive amounts of money thrown at large companies out of taxpayer pockets is an accomplishment? She goes on to mention a few other things hardly recognizable as acts of greatness.  Perry states that Obama has singlehandedly pulled the country out of a recession, to which the only plausible response would be, when?  As far as the economy is concerned, it is not better, nor have any issues regarding it been resolved by Obama.


The fact that he threw so much money in order to bail out big companies is why the economy remains unfixed. But we all know Obama, if there’s a problem or he needs support, just throw money at it.

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I suppose it would be just as absurd to argue with the woman as she looked wearing her tampon earrings.

Surprisingly however, she is able to pull her head out of the sand long enough to admit that Obamacare’s roll-out was nothing short of a fumble.

Is it worth arguing with people like Perry?

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