Woman Falls in Love With Man After He Shoots Her

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It’s a love story like none you’ve ever heard before, but a woman has fallen in love with the man that shot her.

Aubrey Mayo, 24, and Matthew Tyler Webb, 23 were both sitting on top of Webb’s mother’s home on November 21.  At around 5:30 pm, Webb had seen some deer across the street and informed Mayo that he was going after them in order to hunt one down.


Mayo had initially stayed behind but followed Webb after thinking she heard him call her name.  While she walked through the field and brush, she quietly called for Webb.  She stated that, “I was doing like a half yell,” Mayo said because she, “didn’t want to scare away the deer.”

Unfortunately Webb didn’t hear the calls, but instead the rustling on the woman through the brush.  Webb then aimed toward the sound and pulled the trigger.  The woman dropped to the floor as Webb had shot her in the leg.


Webb immediately ran over and tied his jacket around her leg.

Mayo claims that she doesn’t remember too much about the incident besides the slight recall of a sharp pain in her leg. She also remembers EMT’s working on her and talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying as she dazed in and out of consciousness. First responders said, “There were massive amounts of blood.”


A few days later, Mayo woke up in Erlanger Hospital to the sight of Webb sitting in front of her clutching onto a hand written note.  The note apparently detailed Webb’s feelings for the woman and was the only way he could manage to share them after almost fatally injuring her.

The family was worried about Mayo, but now that they know she is doing better and well on her way to recovery, they seem to be a little more light-hearted about the incident.


Mayo’s brother-in-law jokingly said, “Cupid doesn’t use a bow and arrow anymore, he uses an SKS rifle.” Another relative, Mayo’s brother, thought that she should get a, “tattoo of a deer with her hospital name ‘Jane Doe’ across it.”

The couple had apparently known each other for about two months before the incident and even though the two harbor no ill will toward each other, Webb may be facing criminal charges.   He could get in trouble for failing to wear bright orange while hunting—an idea that may have prevented the incident entirely—and firing a weapon within 150 yards of a road.

Mayo could potentially lose the leg if it becomes infected, but this doesn’t seem to faze the woman as the two are very much in love.

Do you think you could fall in love with the person that shot you?

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