Fox News Introduces New Libertarian Show

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Ex-MTV host, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery has recently been hired by Fox Business Network as a host for an evening economic and financial talk show.  FBN recently announced that Kennedy will be one of the main speakers on a new show titled The Independents that is to air four nights a week.

This isn’t an entirely new step for Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, better known as VJ Kennedy from MTV.  She joined the company’s business network as a contributor and special correspondent to John Stossel’s weekly talk show last year.”


While on MTV, she gained a little publicity being that she was a republican working for a notoriously Democratic television company.  After not being able to cover candidates and presidents such as Bill Clinton and Al Gore, she realized that not following blindly seemed to irritate people.

After discovering this, and enjoying thinking for herself, she became a libertarian. That being the case, along with her sense of humor, FBN picked her up.


Now she is going to be co-hosting the round table type talk show with Matt Welch and Kmele Foster where she and her co-hosts will bring on a rotating panel of financial experts to discuss certain topics.  The program, “intends to direct the financial network’s lens at the protection of economic and civil liberties.”

The show is set to air Mondays through Wednesdays as well at Fridays at 9 pm ET.

A bit of humor never hurt anyone did it?

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