GRAPHIC VIDEO: Syrian Al Qaeda Member Blows Himself Up

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It’s no secret that Al Qaeda loves to film themselves during their guerrilla warfare-like attacks. On occasion however instead of the film being used for propaganda purposes, it serves as an entertainment piece for all infidels alike.  A new video is going viral after the Syrian rebels caught one of their members blowing themselves up.

The terrorists who had the support of people like Barack Obama and John McCain are at it again.  But instead of having the weapons and financial support opposed by so many Americans, the terrorists are having to resort to second hand weapons.  In a “take-what-we-can-get” mentality, the Syrian rebels can only buy whatever they find on the black market.



Unfortunately for them, they aren’t real weapons experts. So when they get a faulty weapon, the only way to discover that fact, usually ends in bloodshed.  This is precisely what happened in the video.

The member of Al Qaeda ends up pulling the trigger resulting in the weapon malfunctioning and blowing up right in his face, killing him instantly.  His friends seem to forget the ongoing battle and run out from cover in effort to aide his friend.  They quickly retreat as opposing forces open fire on the idiots.


The video then cuts to the recently deceased man lying on the table.  It seems as if the only way their field doctor can tell if the man is dead, is to search for his heartbeat on his chest with a stethoscope.

These are the people Obama and McCain were so willing to support.  In a statement rarely said, thank God for Russia.


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