Doctor Has Sex With Patient… Then Bills Medicare

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As of February of last year, an Australian doctor started treating a woman for anxiety and insomnia. Pretty quickly the two fell in love, and the relationship continued outside of work. Then came the point that certain ‘activities’ that should have been continued outside of work by the couple, continued inside the doctor’s office. To make matters worse, taxpayers picked up the bill for sexual acts that were performed during the time that the woman was supposed to be treated.

Now the Canberra Times is reporting that the “Doctor was suspended after performing sexual acts with a patient in his Canberra surgery during Medicare-billed consultations. Dr Maged Khalil, 53, began work as a general practitioner at the Belconnen Medical Centre in February last year.”

The pair allegedly started dating in April of 2012, and then began performing the sex acts throughout April and May before eventually breaking up in October. The woman would pay for her sessions with the doctor and then bill Medicare later on.

After the break up, the two apparently became depressed and began seeking treatment. Finally the scam came to light when The Medical Board of Australia received a complaint about the conduct. They promptly suspended Dr. Khalil in May this year.

Upon returning to work, Dr. Khalil must be supervised strictly for six months and reports must be filed monthly in regards to his conduct. He was also ordered to work with a board-appointed mentor and to see a psychologist.

Tribunal member Professor Thomas Faunce endorsed the agreement saying, “As part of these orders I have asked [Dr Khalil] to reflect that in this community the principles of professional conduct must become, through consistent application in the face of obstacles, a cherished part of a medical practitioner’s character,” Fraunce went on to says, “I have also emphasized that the public funds made available to medical practitioners in Australia through schemes such as Medicare should be respected as received on trust from the collective resources of all citizens in this country.”

For now it looks like we have seen the end of Khalil’s trysts at the expense of the taxpayer.

(H/T: Canberra Times)

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