Could Democrats Form Their Own Tea Party?

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Since the rise of the tea party in 2010, no one has enjoyed the intraparty bickering within the Grand Old Party more than Democrats. The GOP has struggled to find its own unified voice and to speak or act as one no matter what the issue happens to be.

The more conservative and tea-party aligned faction of the GOP has torpedoed bipartisan deals and have forced GOP moderates to pay defense much of the time. Most conservatives would say that tea party has returned the once wayward party closer to its pure ideological roots, but this certainly has only made the friction within the party worse.

Obamacare became the one issue that Republicans were in unanimous opposition to regardless of whether they identified more with the tea party or establishment. Yet squabbles started taking place over whether stalling the Oct. 1st was sound strategy. Party leaders of course did not want to be blamed for the government shut down. Finally, the GOP has been able to form its most united front on their opposition to the healthcare law and its disastrous implementation especially.

Meanwhile, the Democrats may be in the beginning phases of a battle brewing within their own party. Noah Rothman from Mediate reports that, “Quietly and behind the scenes, a war for the soul of the Democratic Party is raging.” Rothman goes on to mention that, “Democrats with the group Third Way chided the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for their lionization of politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).”

Warren has been an outspoken advocate for progressive policies since she was elected in 2012.She has made her anger vocal over the minimum wage issue, as well as social security and, of course, doing what all good wealthy progressives do: Demonizing the 1% while sometimes even forgetting that she is part of that same 1%.

Moderate Democrats are starting to sense a divide. The far-left populists that are winning high office in far-left leaning parts of the country are starting to become the faces of the party.

Many moderate Democrats warn that the types of policies favored by the far-left politicians cut in the mold of Warren and DeBlasio could dramatically threaten the achievements of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Johnson.

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