Texas School Bans Not Only Christmas Trees But The Colors Red And Green Too

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A school in Texas has come under crossfire between the war on Christmas and the battle to be politically correct.  In June, Texas Gov. Rick Perry passed a bill called “The Merry Christmas Law,” that allows for anyone to celebrate and discuss the holidays as they see fit, religious or not—especially in schools.  Nichols Elementary School in Frisco, Texas has banned the name Christmas, Christmas trees and even the colors red and green from their “winter” party.

This is especially odd since the school is in the district of the state representative that wrote the Merry Christmas Law.

State Rep. Pat Fallon says he was alerted after receiving several calls and emails from outraged parents after the school had released a memo to all parents.

After enlightening the school, the school released a statement that relayed they did not know about the law.  It was then decided to have a meeting discussing the future outcome of the ban on Christmas within the school.

To everyone’s surprise, they principal announced that she would in fact be enforcing the rule. Her reasoning? Because so many people donate money and she would hate it if anyone were offended.

Sorry to tell her, if I had given money and I wasn’t allowed to say Christmas, I would be offended.

Fallon wrote a letter to the principal stating, “Texas law clearly permits Christmas-themed celebrations, events and displays,” Fallon wrote. “The district may also display scenes or symbols with traditional winter holidays.” Unfortunately for Fallon, there is no form of punishment for being in violation of the law.

He states that what she is doing, “leads to confusion, misinterpretation and flaunting of the law.”

The ridiculousness of the matter was proven when a teacher called terrifyingly asking if she would get in trouble for playing “elf on the shelf” with her students.

Welcome to the nanny state ladies and gentlemen, where full grown, educated adults are brought down to tears, terrified of lawsuits because of a game.

What would you do if you went to the schools “winter” party?

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