Mentally Ill Woman That Ran Over Six People Sentenced

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A woman from Albany, NY was sentenced today after intentionally running over six women.  Shanikqua Thomas received the maximum sentence under her plea deal of 18 years in jail.

On August 19 she was sitting in the passenger seat of a white Ford Expedition while a crowd of people were standing behind it.  For reasons still unexplained, Thomas slid over to the driver seat and placed the car in reverse. Before people could figure out what was going on and move out of the way, the woman plowed over six of the people unlucky enough to be behind her.


Thankfully no one was killed, but several injuries were reported. One woman was dragged as the woman sped up until she was finally run over while another woman’s pelvis was so badly crushed that she is now reportedly unable to have children.

After running through the crowd and crashing into a car, Thomas got out of the vehicle, admired her work, returned to the SUV and drove off.

Thomas did admit that she had smoked both crack and marijuana prior to the incident—a story that lines up with her previous felony cocaine possession conviction in 2007.

During the testimonies of the injured, Thomas broke down on occasion but prosecutors still conveyed that she was non-remorseful.

How horrified would you have been had you been in that crowd?

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