Bill O’Reilly Takes On The Grinch, John Stewart In War On Christmas Showdown

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As we have just begun to enter December we here at Mr. Conservative have already written a few articles regarding the suppression of Christmas.  From Christmas cards being torn off of school walls to the cancelling of Christmas toy drives, it is hard to understand why John Stewart doesn’t recognize the ongoing war on Christmas. Bill O’Reilly had an earful for John Stewart on the issue.

Maybe it was the fact that O’Reilly referred to Stewart as the “Grinch” that got him all bent out of shape, but Stewart recently broadcasted that the “war on Christmas” was all made up.  The two seem to have an ongoing quarrel that has been fought throughout the years, but this year, O’Reilly tried his best to get his point across in a way that couldn’t be refuted.


O’Reilly claims that the real reason for the war on Christmas goes much deeper than it superficially seems. He claims that the war on Christmas is actually a political one brought on by liberals in order to help their political agenda along.

He claims that the majority of Republican or Tea Party beliefs are that of Christian nature.  The fact that Republicans fight against same sex marriages, total rights to abortion, and legalized narcotics is their underlying cause to attack Christmas.  That being said, if you attack the religion, you also discredit Christian’s other beliefs as well.

Suppressing Christian’s rights effectively restrains them when trying to defend their political stance—leftist’s main goal.  All that is needed is for someone to be “offended” and the argument is immediately considered invalid.

After presenting all of his non-arguable proof, O’Reilly takes his turn as the comedic host. Throwing jabs that Stewart needs 18 writers to compose his material and the fact that he is on double secret probation, he attempts to discredit his contender.

In a comedic conclusion O’Reilly states that the biggest Christmas miracle would be that John Stewart believes he’s right.

Do you think O’Reilly makes a compelling point?

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