Obama Claims There Was No IRS Scandal, It Was All a Media-Made Lie

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After it was uncovered that hundreds of conservative groups were targeted for harassment by Obama and his IRS thugs, the president acted as if he was going to “look into” the crimes. Now, in his softball interview with slobbering fan Chris Matthews, Obama is ready to pronounce his stance on the harassment. There is no scandal, he says, nothing wrong was done.

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In fact, not only was there nothing going on at the IRS but the whole scandal was a fiction drummed up by the media! Yeah, HIS slavish media was lying about him. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Here is what the President said about the IRS scandal…

“If on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati, in then IRS office, that–I think for bureaucratic reasons–is trying to streamline what is a difficult law to interpret about whether a non-profit is actually a political organization, deserves a tax exempt agency, and they’ve got a list. Suddenly, everybody’s outraged… I’ll point out that there are some so-called progressives and perceived to be liberal commentators who during that week just were outraged at the possibility that these folks had been in some way been discriminated against…. And, that is what gets news.”

Now, as Jim Hoff notes, there is a scandal here despite the President’s claim that it was all just made up out of wholecloth by the media.

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The IRS Scandal featured many anti-American mini scandals all wrapped in one big scandal:

  • At least 292 conservative groups targeted
  • At least 5 pro-Israel groups targeted
  • Constitutional groups targeted
  • Groups that criticized Obama administration were targeted
  • At least two pro-life groups targeted
  • A Texas voting-rights group was targeted
  • Conservative activists and businesses were targeted.
  • At least 88 IRS agents were involved in the targeting scandal
  • At least one conservative Hispanic group was targeted
  • IRS continued to target groups even after the scandal was exposed

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The fact is, it was all an attack only on conservative groups coordinated between the upper management of the IRS and the White House, a campaign meant to harass conservative groups with the hope that they would give up seeking a tax status and stay out of America’s political debate leaving the way clear for liberal groups to dominate the discussion.

What do you think, though. Is OBama right? Was the IRS scandal just a thing invented by the media? Nothing to see here, move along? Tell us below.

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