Barack And Michelle Obama DESTROYED By Irish Parliament: You’re A War Criminal


December 6, 2013 11:20am PST

In an epic rant earlier this year, Clare Daly, a member of Irish Parliament, let Obama have it.  In her spiel she expresses the disgust of Obama’s facade and the electoral promises that he has broken.

Daly’s main point was conveyed strongly when she accused Irish politicians of acting as the pimps and hoes of the United States. In effort to point out that Ireland should not allow American arms designated to Syrian rebels to pass through Ireland, she managed to ruffle a few feathers.


The politician portrayed her utter disgust when she talked about the media hype surrounding the then recent trip the Obama’s had made to the island. Obama had made a speech to Ireland’s children and mainly spoke about piece. Daly’s response was spot on when she asked, “Is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award?”

The woman deemed Obama not only a hypocrite, but a war criminal as well, making several references including the 200% rise in drone usage.  She concludes that Obama is a war monger and has single-handedly been the cause for hundreds if not thousands of innocent deaths.

She goes on to talk about the Syrian controversy when Obama was ignoring American opinion and sending over weapons to Syrian rebel fighters.  She explained that sending weapons to these fighters would not level the playing field as indicated, but only prolong the current civil war and surely result in the loss even more innocent life.

When members of parliament from the other side were able to answer, they took to throwing insults and dancing around the main issues.  They claimed that the accusations were “beneath her,” and how dare she say such things.

Daly however was unhindered by their response and struck right back confronting the politicians, “non-answer.”
She then claimed that it would be in Ireland’s best interest to stand shoulder to shoulder with their American brothers and sisters in the disdain Americans share for Obama and his lies. She then shifted the conversation saying that supporting Obama and his war activities are in direct violation to Northern Ireland’s peace process.

After being allowed a rebuttal, arguing politicians brought up that Daly hadn’t condemned the Iranians, Hezbollah, or Assad himself.  An argument that really is irrelevant as none of these people were being celebrated by Ireland or allowed to have arms pass through the country in support of a war.

Daly demonstrated an accurate view of Obama that a large percentage of this country views as true.

Do you agree with what Daly had to say about our leader?


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