No Class in THIS Class, University to Teach How to Masturbate

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Elon University in North Carolina has a great idea for a class: masturbation 101. Where students will be taught the finer points of self-pleasure. What’s next, prostitution 101 or crack smoking for beginners?

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Once again we are witnessing the depravity and idiocy into which our institutes of “higher” learning are devolving.

The first person to see this nonsense Tweeted about it, but for some reason soon removed the Tweet.

Hannah Wentz originally posted a photo of the course description…

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The course is described as one that will “discuss sexual health in new and exciting ways” and says that the first weeks features instruction on “self-pleasure fir both males and females.”

Instructors are to be Liz Sheehan and Josh Kaufmann and the class is sponsored by Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge, and Success (SPARKS), a so-called “peer oriented organization” whose goal is to teach students about health issues (in other words a useless group that wastes money and returns nothing worthwhile).

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Folks this is the kind of garbage that we are subjecting our young students to as they go into our fetid system of mis-education. Isn’t it time to tear this failed, destructive system down? Tell us what you think of the education system in the comments.

(H/T Campus Reform)

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