The Government Is Taking Away Veteran’s Guns

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An ex-Navy Seal is doing quite well after being hired by the new NRA News channel in effort to inform the public and fight for Second Amendment rights as they come under fire.  Dom Raso is just one of the three new commentators and talks about how our veterans are having their guns ripped away in direct violation of the Second Amendment.


Raso shares a story he recently heard about a man having his gun taken away by police after he defended his house.  He explains that a man was trying to gain entry when the homeowner retrieved his firearm. The homeowner then told the intruder to leave or he would be forced to shoot.  As the intruder did not comply, the homeowner fired a warning shot into his own floor which scared the man away.

Police then took his weapon away after determining that the man did not have adequate cause to discharge his weapon.  Raso questions what more reason you would need to defend yourself than someone trying to gain entry into your home.

The ex-Navy Seal transitions into a more disgusting matter, talking about veterans being deemed unfit to possess a firearm.  He explains that under certain law, if a veteran on disability decides to allow someone to make medical decisions for him, he is unfit to own a gun.

He brutally extinguishes the flame of political argument saying that the government allowed these men to have a M-4 assault rifle when they fought for the country.  He goes on to say that it would hypocritical to give men guns and have them fend for themselves over in Iraq and Afghanistan, but deny the men these rights when they return home.

He then urges viewers to contact their local government in order to have them fight for veteran rights.

If they can handle a gun fighting politician’s wars, why can’t they have a gun in their own home?

Listen to what Dom Raso has to say and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

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