Princeton Orchestra To Play “Ballad For Trayvon Martin”

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Apparently we haven’t heard the last of Trayvon Martin as uproar begins to quiet after his death last year.  Princeton University has been working long and hard and is finally set to play their newly acclaimed, “Ballad for Trayvon Martin for Orchestra and Jazz Quartet,” for attending audiences.

The Princeton University Orchestra and the University Concert Jazz Ensemble are expected to perform the piece created by famous jazz artist, Anthony D.J. Branker.  He states that the piece is not only in remembrance of the young boy but an effort to, “pay homage to victims of racial violence.”

He claims that he himself has been the victim of racism recalling back that in his early 20’s he was, “stopped by police at gunpoint because it was believed I broke into someone’s home. I fit a profile. Police surrounded my car.”

Branker conveys his hope that the piece will, “be a form of healing and something that could be seen as a composition of hope.” He goes on to explain that the wish he has for his ballad is that it, “speaks to all of us to continue to work together so that children of any race, ethnicity or religious affiliation never have to meet such a tragic end.”

The artists revealed that he did not want the piece to relay anger or violence, but peace and harmony instead.  He states that his real intention was to, “make a connection, whether it’s on a level of social consciousness, or music and expression.”

Others aren’t viewing Branker’s ballad so peaceful, but more of an instigative way to stoke the fire.

Racism is a serious issue in the United States, but is Trayvon Martin really the face of racelessness?

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