Arizona Student Kicked In The Face, Brawl Ensues

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A man was caught on video during a shocking exchange as a heated argument turned into an all out brawl.

The incident happened during a football game at the Arizona State versus Arizona game in the Sun Devil Stadium.  An older man—I’d usually say gentleman, but it really isn’t fitting in this instance—can be seen when the video begins, screaming at what appears to be a student.


It was speculated that the older man was screaming at students and girls when one student turned around and told him to “shut his mouth.” This apparently was a no-no in the man’s book as he stood up to confront the student.

As the student quarrels back, the man takes it to the next level by grabbing onto the man next to him for stability, and planting his foot squarely in the face of the contending student.


This unleashed an all out assault against the man as he personally waged war on the student population. In effort fight for the students honor, the other students in the nearby area began to savagely beat the man.

After getting grabbed, pulled, hit and punched, I’m sure the man won’t be making that mistake ever again.


There have been no reports by either side, or police describing exactly what started the fight.

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