Obama Death Panels Condemns 6-year-Old Girl to Death

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6-year-old Ellie Porter has an extremely aggressive and rare form of cancer but before Obamacare came along to hurt her she and her family at least had healthcare they could afford that was helping them deal with her disease. But now, thanks to Barack Obama, little Ellie faces losing all her coverage, her doctors, and her lifesaving treatment. Thanks Obama death panels!

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In November of this year the Porter family received a notice in the mail saying that thanks to Obamacare their insurance was being canceled. They were further told that they could get a new policy but it would be far, far more expensive.

The Porter family, with little Ellie in white.

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Little Ellie’s cancer is so rare that doctors had some trouble diagnosing it eventually discovering that there have only been 10 known cases of it in the whole of the United States.

The Porters have three choices, find out if they can keep their current insurance for a somewhat pointless one-year extension, switch to a new plan, at far more costs, that complies with Obama’s demands on insurance plans, or try to find something on the Obamacare insurance exchanges.

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The Porters are afraid that when they have to start paring far more for their healthcare plan they won’t be able to afford it all and little Ellie will lose her coverage completely.

Once again we see Obama the destroyer, this time putting the life of a little girl in danger. It’s all just more evidence of Obama death panels. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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