Extermination Company Uses Drones To Kill Feral Hogs

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There is a growing problem the further south you go in the United States that is responsible for approximately, $1.5 billion worth of damage every year.  Feral hogs are a pest and two men started to think outside the box as hunters are allowed to kill as many hogs as they can in effort to suppress the damage.  The two have started using drones to hunt the wild beasts.

Cy Brown and James Palmer of Louisiana Hog Control have combined, “their passion for hunting, eating pork, and working with model airplanes to solve a major problem in the south.”

Because the hogs are usually awake at night, the duo has recently attached night vision, and infrared cameras to an airplane to create their eye-in-the-sky partner for their hunting expeditions.


As one man flies the plane, the other man, potentially accompanied with other hunting partners, communicate via radio to seek and destroy the pests. Flying the plane at approximately 400 feet above the ground and the use of high tech cameras, the pilot gets an all seeing view allowing him to locate any hogs and direct hunters to them.

Talking about the drone, Brown says:

“Obviously it’s not completely new technology, but some of the sensors and computing power has gotten to such a state to where it’s very easy to build these things, have them last a long time and for them to have a little bit of brains.”

Due to FAA regulations however, the extermination company isn’t allowed to be paid for flying the drone.  They have however taken to accepting donation at a usual $25 per hog.  The more times you throw $25 at the men, the more hogs they come back with—the pigs are then butchered and eaten.

Do you view this as innovative or savage?

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