D.C. Cop Arrested After Using Police Authority To Make Child Pornography

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We all know that police are here to protect and serve, but who is here to protect us from police?  Stories are surfacing that claim a Washington D.C. police officer has taken inappropriate pictures of a 15 year old girl.

According to the court documents, Marc Washington, 32, had worked a missing persons case involving the girl, the week before. After returning home, the police officer, Marc Washington, had a little “follow up,” for the girl.  He asked the 15 year old to go to her room where they could talk in private which is when he informed her of, what he is calling, common procedure.


He told the girl that he needed to document any and all injuries and told the girl to take off her shirt and bra.  When the girl was non-compliant in the matter, the officer assured the girl that they have to do it to anyone involved in a missing persons case.

As the girl reluctantly obeyed the officer’s orders, the officer proceeded to take the naked pictures of the girl.  The pornographic images consisted of her exposed breasts and lower regions.

When the girl had told her parents what the officer did, they were outraged and called 911. Needless to say, being in the force, word got around to Washington that he was being sought for questioning and quickly tried to delete all evidence off of his phone.

After being arrested, police conducted a search revealing even more pictures on his phone as well as additional photos on his camera.  Apparently the girl was just a drip in the bucket of the criminal actions performed by Washington. Reports reveal that they also found pictures of many other nude, under aged girls.

It is quite disgusting when officers use the authority they are given to serve and protect in order to commit criminal actions.  Hiding behind their brothers in blue, many officers never have to suffer the consequences of their actions as they say, “We protect our own.”

This however isn’t the case as Washington’s Chief, Kathy Linear, states that the actions of the accused is, “sick,” and makes her, “sick to her stomach.”  She also conveys that she is glad that someone came forward so police were able to stop man from photographing anyone else.

Washington has been charged with the production of child pornography.

What do you think of this police officer who was unlucky enough to have someone speak out against him?

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