EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman Stoned To Death In South Africa

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Video is going viral displaying what looks to be an extreme case of racism.  The video claims to be showing a woman being stoned to death by men.

After the woman was allegedly raped, the men proceeded to leave her naked in the street and stone her to death.  In what is a very graphic video, you can witness every excruciating blow stone by stone.

Some have noted there could be a racial aspect to this case: the victim was a white woman while the attackers are black men.

Others are saying that this is not a woman at all by a very light brown skinned man that happens to be a local store owner.  Reports show that around six months ago foreign nationals rose up against Somali citizens that were harassing the store owners.


The citizens apparently had been looting and destroying the foreign national’s stores in effort to make them leave.

The foreign nationals came armed with weapons and police in bullet proof vests in order to take back what was theirs. During the event two foreign-owned shops were burnt down and bus was destroyed.

At least one man, believed to be the one in the video, was killed after being hacked with machetes and stoned naked in the street.

The barbaristic nature of humans can be enough to lose faith in humanity.

How does seeing this make you feel?

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