Man Who Abused Goat Faces Victim in Court

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The good thing about the concept of a trial is that a man might face his accuser. But one man in Kenya wasn’t so pleased to face his accuser. After he sexually assaulted her, his victim stood boldly in court staring down her attacker. His victim… was a farm goat.

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Katana Gona, 28, was confronted by his victim, a she goat, during his November 29 trial. Gona was brought to trial after neighbors accused him of the abuse.

Gona was found guilty of raping the farm animal and given ten years in jail.

The convicted, Katana Gona.

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As The Libertarian Republic reported,

Gona was caught when a local resident found him naked in a field having sex with the goat, who was tied up and unable to defend herself. The goat’s owner was informed and arrived at the scene to find Gona performing the lewd act. Police arrested him and after a medical examination on the goat determined that he had committed the crime.

The abused, a she goat.

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Gona asked for mercy from the court saying that he has a disable wife to support, but got a ten-year sentence, anyway.

The goat had physical damage from Gona’s attacks, though, so it isn’t all very funny, for sure.

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Its a crazy, crazy world in which we live. Add your comments in the comments section.

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