15-Year-Old Thrown Out Of Window Under Muslim Law

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Egypt hasn’t quite been in the news as much as they were during the days that the 2011 protests turned into national riots.  But now, citizens belonging to the Muslim religion have taken to riots and even throwing fellow citizens from windows.

Many of us have heard that their newly appointed president has been overthrown after taking advantage of his position and power in attempts to form a dictatorship.  As the country attempts to maintain stability and order, their current constitution is constantly being modified—but not everyone is abiding by it.

After witnessing several demonstrations, and listening to even more demands, it can be firmly stated that the Muslim religion is not the “religion of peace.”  In countries with a Muslim majority, the country usually accepts Muslim law as their legal system.  Unfortunately this allows for the killing of those who do not submit to allah, and the objectification of women.

It is well known that women are not treated as equals amongst the Muslim population, and in such their punishment for wrongdoings are stricter and harsher.

During the current protests of Egypt’s constitution, demonstrators convey that they do not accept the law.  Some of the participants even went on their own rampage showing just how fair Muslim law is.

In a small village in southern Minya province, Muslims began attacking Christian homes and families. In all, they burned 10 homes and injured 15 “infidels.”

Amongst the injured was a 15 year old girl that the men had thrown out a 3 story window. Why you may ask–because that Muslim woman was rumored to be in a relationship with a Christian man.

Oh, the hypocrisy of the Muslim religion knows no bounds.

Under Muslim law, woman are meant to be wives and mothers, besides that, they are only a hindrance to men.  You see, they distract men. That is why they are required to dress covering everything from head to toe, lest they “accidentally” seduce the men, an incident that can often end in rape–a crime usually, blamed on the woman. The women are usually then stoned, or killed in another inhumane way while the men are just excused as he is knowingly flawed and unable to exhibit control.

But what about women who do not practice the law of Islam? Are they too held accountable by Muslim law—the answer is yes. Time and time again, Muslim law demonstrates the backwards concepts of sexism.  You would think that the man would have been killed, not abiding by their religion, but instead they kill the woman who submits to allah. To the men, she was in direct violation of their law that is not recognized by Egypt.

I suppose they wouldn’t be considered extremists if they were anything but.

Why is it that Islam is the “religion of peace,” until Muslims hold the majority?

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