Epic Fighting Match Between Priebus & Wasserman-Shultz On CNN

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Both Democrats and Republicans alike grew more and more frustrated as political heads entered the ring on CNN’s Crossfire.  RNC chair Reince Priebus and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) heatedly discussed many issues that each party has with the other—Obamacare being a leading bullet point.

The fist dig that initially led to the unavoidable clash, was given by Priebus when he mentioned that millions of American citizens that were fine before Obamacare, have now lost their health insurance.  As Democrats do best, Wasserman-Schultz shifted the blame saying that not only were Republicans a hindrance to the mandated law, but didn’t understand the healthcare system.

She maintained that Republicans were fighting the issue on principle.


The two kept at it, throwing consecutive jabs at one another, until Newt Gingrich decided to stoke the fire calling Obamacare a, “a war on people with critical diseases.” As Wasserman-Schultz grew increasingly offended, Priebus decided to chime in. He added that not only is the loss of coverage a disaster, but when insurance companies have the option to cancel coverage because of costs, it will leave even more Americans without coverage—the exact reason the law was created and was supposed to protect against.

It has already been discovered that, like previous broken promises by the president, the Obamacare website isn’t fixed quite yet. But Wasserman-Schultz is determined to share that 500,000 people have signed up for coverage—a microscopic number when compared to the 5,000,000 that have lost coverage because of Obamacare.

The discussion is wrapped up when the hosts of the show ask if Obamacare is going to be a victory point exploited by Democrats in the upcoming races.  Wasserman-Schultz expresses that there is already going to be buyer’s remorse for elected Tea Party candidates, but goes on to list several of the intended Obamacare benefits, saying that it will be.  Priebus rebuttals by simply stating that all that needs to happen for Republicans to be re-elected, is for Democrats to continue supporting Obamacare and shoving it down the throats of the American people.

Priebus predicts that Obamacare will be Democrats worst enemy after the dust settles and the full law is allowed to come into effect.

The hosts end the show by displaying a chart saying that 62% of voters believe that Democrats are more in touch with voters while only 38% believe that Republicans are. I suppose that only the next election will be able to tell.

Do you think Obamcare will self-destruct taking itself and the Democratic Party with it?

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