Actor Paul Walker May Have Survived Crash, Burned Alive in Wreckage

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Media outlets are now indulging the gruesome speculation that actor Paul Walker may have survived the devastating car accident that smashed the car he was in to pieces on November 30 only to die in the fire that later engulfed the wreckage. New CCTV footage shows that the fire didn’t start until several minutes after the accident.

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As most know by now, on the afternoon of Nov. 30, Paul Walker, famed cast member of the Fast & Furious movie franchise, and his fiend, philanthropist and financial planner Robert Rodas, were in a 2005 Porsche Camera GT being driven by Roda at a high rate of speed when it smashed into a streetlight and a tree in Valencia, California killing both men.

The burned out 2005 Porsche Camera GT.

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Reports were that the car burst into flames from the accident. But new surveillance video footage shows that the car did not become engulfed in flames for several minutes after the accident.

Another shot of the wreckage.

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This means that one or both of the men could have still been alive and aware as the car burned taking them with it.

For both men’s sake, let’s hope that this horrid speculation is wrong and both men were either instantly killed in the accident or were unconscious as the fire engulfed the wreckage. It would be bad enough to be trapped in a wrecked car from such a terrible accident but yet another to be conscious as you burn to death afterwards!

Only minutes after the accident the car caught fire.

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Meanwhile, photos of one of Walker’s last events were released to the public. The photos show actor Walker with his brother Caleb on his brother’s wedding day.

Paul Walker and his brother.

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