Insane Family Brawl Spirals Out-Of-Control After Fight Over Macaroni And Cheese

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As if the world isn’t crazy enough, people keep trying to prove that they can be crazier.  A man has been arrested after getting into a fight over macaroni and cheese and assaulting his adversary.

South Caroline police were called to the home of Alex Rossi, 20, and his father after receiving a 911 call.  When police arrived they found blood that was not Rossi’s on his hands and arrested the man.

The fight reportedly started after Rossi’s father was making some macaroni and cheese and noticed the powdered cheese wasn’t in the box.  The father then yelled at the son to stop using all the cheese which is when the fight broke out.

Rossi threw the first punch nailing his father in the face and head.  As the physical encounter continued, the father was able to place Rossi into a headlock.

“Rossi was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery.”

No wonder wars are a common occurrence amongst men. If we can’t handle macaroni and cheese, what can we be expected to agree upon?

Is this nuts or what? Let us know what you think.

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