House of Reps Extends Plastic Gun Ban by Ten Years

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The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday, December 3, to extend a ban on 3D printed, plastic guns by ten years as part of an extension of an expiring 25-year-old ban on firearms that can evade metal detectors.

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The Republican led House approved the extension but defeated a Democrat measure that would have required all plastic guns to have some metal components so that they could be detected by metal detectors.

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In the Senate, New York lefty Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he would help push the ban through in his chamber.

But the deadline for an extension is coming up in mere weeks before the whole ban runs out of time and expires. Because of that time crunch, many expect the Senate to swiftly approve the House measure with a minimum of hassle.

The 3D printed gun, the “Liberator.”

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Showing its lack of opposition, the National Rifle Association has had no public comments about the ban extension and Congressional insiders say that the NRA is quietly urging that the extension be approved. The NRA does not, however, support any additional changes in the ban, lobbyists say.

Another gun group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, has openly come to the support of the ban extension but has also officially opposed any new measures added to the ban bill.

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Many law makers and members of law enforcement are fearful that the advent of 3D printers will mean cheap and easy manufacture of guns that are undetectable by current detection devices.

Tell us what you think of these plastic, 3D printable guns, won’t you?

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